Craig Wolff

Executive Director

For Craig, Verso Leadership flows from a lifetime dedicated to lifting people, places and institutions out of caricature. This is embedded in his DNA. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Craig brings his singular take on storytelling, relationship building, curiosity and the power of inclusion to corporation education.

Over 19 years, as an outside educator for Duke Corporate Education and the Fuqua School of Business, he has designed and delivered workshops, seminars and keynote addresses for business leaders and owners representing scores of the world’s largest organizations — helping them both bridge cultures in the marketplace and develop a workplace culture that inspires innovation and excellence.

A former New York Times writer, Craig is the author of a number of books, including My Heart Will Cross This Ocean. The book took him to the mountainous Fouta Djallon region of Guinea in West Africa, and won the 2004 Christopher Award for “work that raises the human spirit.” Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Steven Spielberg.

While tapping into the aspirations of big cities and small towns, Craig is drawn to people who perform at a high level. He has traveled with the New York Yankees, explored the artistry of Julie Andrews, the wizardry of LeBron James, and dissected the thought process of scientists, craftspeople and business leaders. 

At first blush it may seem he has led two distinct professional lives — one as a corporate educator, the other as a storyteller. But in his view one informs the other. Honoring our native curiosity, understanding different cultures and new markets — these are keys for every organization as it tells and lives its story, defining and refining its mission moving forward.


His baked eggplant parmesan recipe (available on request) 

Playing full-court basketball 

Oscar Peterson and other great jazz pianists 

Watching classic comedy movies with his son and daughter

Michael Fensom

Creative Director

Corporate educator. Writer. Brand storyteller. Michael brings a blend of expertise to his role at Verso Leadership, with a particular savvy for taking multimedia and virtual tools into the corporate learning space in new and creative ways.

While pushing the work into new territory, over the last six years his collaboration on workshop design has targeted rising and senior executives. His recruiting of artists, performers and masters in their fields has enriched Verso’s programs with diversity and inclusion. 

In addition, his experience in branding for global companies has enhanced Verso’s programs built around storytelling. He has helped business leaders recognize and communicate their company’s story and mission, to their teams, business partners and clients.

Devoted to yoga and meditation, Michael also brings a holistic sensibility to the work, placing great value on energetic engagement and finding learning opportunities in our everyday lives — seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Weekly visits to the Union Square Farmer’s Market in Manhattan 

Never missing a Manchester United match 

Lovingly caring for his orchids and balcony herb garden