Virtual or in person, our customized offerings include Interactive Video, Podcasts, Workshops, In The Field, One-on-one Coaching and Follow-up Mentoring.

Building Strong Relationships

Program: The 180-Degree View

It is natural sometimes to view others as alien, but turning that impulse on its head is at the heart of our work. By understanding the motivations, concerns and values of others in a granular way, we are better suited to create meaningful interactions and meet our business goals.

Creating strong relationships demands a true willingness to think not merely outside the box but to step outside yourself. The goal is at once simple and audacious.

This program is designed to build listening skills, shed preconceived notions and craft new techniques — even a new ethos — for how we go about our work.

Helped me develop an authentic leadership and collaboration style.

Bridging Cultures

Program: Shifting Your Perspective

A man walks down the street wearing one shoe. You ask him what seems like the only logical question: What happened, did you lose your shoe? The man stops, looks you straight in the eye and says: No, I found one.

Perspective matters.

In business, the capacity to view the world through another’s eyes is the key to forging connections across cultural divides.

Our programs focus on lifting people, places and institutions out of caricature.

We are then better positioned to become true global pioneers, able to reach new markets and expand our understanding of the needs and motivations of clients, partners and our own teams.

“Craig pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me want to learn. Interactive and experiential. Absolutely brilliant!”


Program: Valuing The Individual

Building empathy, bridging disparate cultures and forging meaningful relationships can transform the culture of your everyday work.

Getting there takes a full embracing of inclusion — a recognition that leaning forward requires a breadth of abilities and perspectives. In an evolving, multicultural work environment this has never been more true.

More than teaching inclusion, our programs strive to immerse you in the idea — whether virtually or by shepherding your team into the field — and then connect it all back to your organization’s core mission.

A signature part of our company is a rich reservoir of talent — ranging in background, with expertise across a spectrum of fields. Drawing from these exceptional people and the intricate contours of their lives and work adds new dimension and texture to our programs. Verso’s work has taken us everywhere from the churches and ball fields of Birmingham, Alabama, to the Fouta Djallon mountains of West Africa, from urban communities to rural America, from the Munich Symphony Orchestra to the jazz clubs of London.

Understanding and valuing the individual can do more than set your organization apart in a competitive marketplace. It can help each member of your team feel more connected — and invested — in your larger goals.

Craig helped me think about the way in which we have conversations and ask people questions.

The Power Of Story

Program: Shape And Animate

The story behind every organization can guide hyphenate decision-making, and rally leaders and staff at every level. Story is the glue that tethers us to the idea we are part of something larger. It gives mission to our day-to-day work.

Story matters. It is a living, moving thing — a hologram. Our workshops and seminars, by unlocking its power, can help you Shape and Animate your organization’s journey. The underlying goal: to help you identify and instill your story internally as well as convey it to business partners and customers.

Verso’s own leaders come from a rich storytelling background, and we understand that building toward the future often requires an appreciation for a story’s longer arc — what we call our Yellow Brick Road.

The takeaway — leading with your own true story and motivations and at the same time truly listen to everyone.

The Art Of The Question

Program: Beyond Curiosity

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.

In all of our work, that is our founding idea, to help you meet the next challenge, venture into the next market, seize the next opportunity for growth. Our specially designed workshops, seminars and exercises regard curiosity not as an endpoint, but as a vehicle that moves us toward action.

How then do we harness the spark of inquiry to create leading-edge ideas?

Why do many of us feel inhibited, even fearful of asking questions?

How do we create a business culture to encourage and celebrate questioning?

How do we arrive at a better question?

The goal, finally, is to reach the questions that produce tangible results.

Inspired me to ask questions without fear. I won’t be stressed to be the least knowledgeable person in the room.


Operating At A High Level

Establishing a vision. Relishing the process. Communicating effectively and invigorating your team. Keeping your antenna up for change. Embracing nuance.

Working with joy.

These ingredients infuse all of our programs and form the DNA for top-level performance. With this in mind, we have developed stand-alone symposiums, workshops and keynote talks devoted to the singular idea of Excellence. We have found these programs to be effective at every level — sales and support staff, new hires and mid-level managers, and senior executives.

No one has an exclusive hold on Excellence. And it is more than an aspiration.

It is an idea that can be passed along to create a shared sense of intention and purpose.

Craig’s curiosity session was great. Speaking with these world class performers was an excellent opportunity to learn from individuals we otherwise would never have met.”