The world we move in blazes with contradictions, unpredictability and seismic change. Right there, bubbling at the surface, lies opportunity — a singular place where creative solutions and possibilities emerge.

Relationship Building. Bridging Cultures. Inclusion and Diversity. The Power of Story. The Art of The Question. Excellence.

These are our programs, but more than that, these are our values.

Our vision, relying on a bold approach, focuses on building forward-thinking and agile leaders — to give all that brainpower permission to evolve. We will help you build a workplace that prizes inclusiveness in every sense — and that doesn’t come about through mere lip service. Step by step, our programs are defined by immersiveness, intimacy and authenticity, and really, a new language that turns introspection into action.

Verso’s team — led by Craig Wolff and Michael Fensom — draw from their own rich experiences in the worlds of storytelling, books and corporate education. Customizing to your needs, we provide everything from Interactive VIrtual Workshops to Podcasts to Keynote Addresses and Follow-up Mentoring.

We have high aspirations, and to get us there we often turn to a process we call Motion Learning — designed to help participants develop by establishing deep connections with high-level achievers and craftsmen and women from disparate walks of life — to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Embracing these ideals creates new paths to learning and unexpected takeaways. A transformative learning experience demands nothing less.